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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saya Mau Pergi....

Royal Icing Classes...

2nd-4th April 2011
(3day courses 9-5.30pm)

Advance Class On Royal Icing,Fondant,Gumpaste & Figure Modelling
~create a 3 tier wedding cake with this advanced course.
~Learn a variety of flower making techniuques incluidng foliages and leaves.
~Assembly of wedding cakes.
~Create various types of side designs.
~Design and create a lion cake.
~Make beautiful colourful butterflies to be assembled on cake.
~Bring home a cute teddy bear in the box.

Limited to 20person only.

At the end of the day, studnets will bring home a 3 tier wedding cake with butterflies decor, a lion cake and a teddy bear in a box.

John Quai Hoi


call Mr.Lim : 012-3466663 for booking and enquiries or book at our outlets...

*best kan .....tapi agak mahal skit kelas ni....kira nye RM600 per class lah...tapi yg mengajar tu bukan calang2 org tue...

ok sila tgk bibliography dia...

~John Quai Hoi is known worldwide and is famous for his astonishing fine works of flowers that could almost appear alive. John is based in Melbourne and quietly owns a shop which is named MY CAKE DELIGHTS at Preston. The shop sell made-to-order cakes, run decorating classes and stock decorating supplies. Mr.Quai Hoi is a soft spoken man who is ready to share his many years experience in baking and cake decoranting with his students.
He has taught in Fiji,New Zealand, Asia, the UK, South Africa and the US.

*ha...hebat kan dia sekarang ni..aku kena fikir macam mana nk simpan duit nk pergi kelas nier..huhuhu...dan kalu dah pergi kelas ni...aku mesti kena buat betul2 bisnes nie...klu x rugi....aku bayar memahal tapi tak buat...betul tak kawan-kawan???so pas aku pergi kelas ni....boleh la aku buat kek perkahwinan...itu adalah impian ku....

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